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Not your typical accounting practice

At DCA Tax Planning, we do more than just prepare client tax returns, we specialize in TAX PLANNING, saving our clients an average of $27,675 per year in tax deductions.

The most important work we do starts after April 15th. We work with you all year long to implement the tax saving strategies, increase your profit and keep more of what you earn.

Our Team

Daren C. Anderson, CPA

Owner, Founder

Daren earned his accounting degree from the University of Washington (1991).

His expertise spans from public accounting, CFO and CEO roles at both Harley Davidson and the energy sector. Daren owned and operated a natural gas power plant before founding DCA Tax Planning.

Daren is passionate about helping businesses and people succeed. In his typical engagement, he saves business owners $12,000 - $40,000 per year in tax. His favorite engagements are when he can take a deep dive into complex issues and craft a solution that leaves the company and its people in a better place.

As the visionary leader behind DCA Tax Planning, Daren's mission is to continue empowering businesses and individuals alike, leaving a lasting positive impact on their financial journey.

Tammy Hunter

Office Manager

As the office manager, Tammy oversees payroll, billing, staff meetings, and company events while prioritizing the maintenance of a positive company culture. She fosters teamwork and strives to ensure a harmonious and productive work environment where both staff and clients feel valued and appreciated.

Darcy B. Moore

Accounting Specialist

Darcy is a seasoned tax accounting and business management professional with over 30 years of experience. Clients value her analytical skills and insightful observations about financial performance. Darcy adeptly handles year-end accounting adjustments for accurate tax returns and excels in setting up and converting accounting systems to QuickBooks Online, making the process efficient and smooth. She prepares and reviews corporate, partnership, payroll, and individual tax returns, implementing tax-saving strategies to maximize savings. With her unwavering attention to detail, Darcy ensures top-notch service and strategic financial solutions, contributing to our clients' success at DCA Tax Planning.

Nathan Lux, CPA

Tax Manager

Nathan is an accomplished professional who earned his Accounting degree from Western Washington University with Magna Cum Laude honors. At DCA Tax Planning, Nathan's expertise shines in tax return preparation and management, where he diligently ensures that tax savings are maximized for each client. His high level of integrity, unwavering work ethic, and dedicated approach to our practice and clients make him a true asset to our practice. With Nathan on our team, we are empowered to deliver exceptional service and drive success for our valued clients. His commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of his work, making him a key contributor to our firm's growth and our clients' financial prosperity.

Scott D. Baxter

Tax Advisor

Scott has over 15 years of experience in small business management, bringing a wealth of knowledge to our firm. At DCA Tax Planning, Scott's expertise lies in crafting tax strategies for business owners, resulting in substantial tax savings. His genuine enthusiasm, dedication to helping clients, and creative ingenuity make him an invaluable and integral part of our team, contributing significantly to the success of both our firm and our clients. With Scott on board, we are empowered to deliver exceptional service and drive financial prosperity for those we serve.

Simon Anderson

Tax Savings Strategist

Simon’s journey began as an intern at our firm and has since evolved into a crucial role as a tax-saving strategist at DCA Tax Planning. With his primary focus on preparing meticulous supporting documents for each tax plan, Simon ensures they adhere to IRS-approved standards. His expertise plays a pivotal role in delivering exceptional service to our valued clients. Simon's unwavering attention to detail and dedication make a significant impact on the success of both our clients and our practice. With his contributions, we are empowered to provide top-notch service and achieve remarkable outcomes for those we serve.

Angela Ohme

Administrative Assistant

Angela's unique blend of expertise in teaching, school administration, and business ownership spans over a decade, enriching her role as a valuable asset at DCA Tax Planning. Her exceptional organizational skills support Daren with administrative tasks and facilitate client communication. Angela's boundless energy, keen attention to detail, and remarkable multitasking capabilities make her an indispensable team member. With her dedication and proficiency, Angela plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation and success of our firm.

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