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What is Tax Planning?

TAX PLANNING is the process of looking at a person's life, business, and regulatory requirements to LEGALLY reduce taxes. 

"Proactive" "Forward Thinking" "Liability Reduction"

- Versus -

TAX PREP, the process of preparing tax returns for submission to the IRS.

"Year End" "Compliance"

How it works

1. Calculate your potential tax savings

All it takes is answering a few questions about yourself and your business and we can generate a potential tax savings.

2. Schedule a meeting with one of our advisors

Talk to an advisor to see what strategies are right for you. The consultation is free and we will then only move forward if we are confident we can generate a substantial savings.

3. Let the work begin!

Our trusted advisors will dive deeper into your situation, collecting the necessary information and generate the necessary documents to take full advantage of the tax savings available to you.

4. Implement and start saving!

Once we have completed the Tax Plan and identified all strategies that will work for you and your business, we will guide you through how to implement and stay compliant.

5. Keep up-to-date

As legislation changes almost daily at this point, we stay up-to-date with current tax law and savings opportunities. We also know that your situation may change quickly as well, which is why we recommend becoming one of our partners. Our advisors will meet with you quarterly to keep you on track, evaluate your tax position, and file your year-end taxes. Further, we will keep you up-to-date on any new tax strategies we believe increase your potential for savings.

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